In 2020 I will GET STRONGER

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We own many REALLY AWESOME, badass programs that were already prepared by Sean, and this is why we decided to SHARE THEM WITH YOU FOR FREE. Our programming system is very simple to follow, yet very effective and SATISFYING!

Every Sunday you will find here new program to follow! I will be posting them as long as you are digging it! So give me your feedback! Tag us #GETSTRONGERin2020 for featuring. Send us DMs for reposts and form checks!

Love Madzia

Why to use our coaching programs:

  • our programs were prepared by profesionalist, coach and USPA record holder with proper knowledge and experience!
  • our programs are very effective and allows you to track your improvement week by week;
  • yet they are very simple to follow, even if you are busy (by running program for one week and then repeating it next one);
  • they will make you feel satisfied and accomplished, as you can observe your progress every week!

Feel free to use our programs and if you like it, at least a little, support us by getting our awesome clothes (click).

List of published programs:

Strength program: publication date Jan 5th

Power program: publication date Jan 12th

Speed program: publication date Jan 19th

Hypertrophy program: publication date Jan 26th

SQUAT program: publication date Feb 2nd




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