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"Wanted to say thanks and I'm so happy to be hitting PRs every week!" -Nikole

Are You...

  • Tired of not knowing what program to do? 
  • Tired of not making gainz?
  • Tired of wondering if your form is right?

Are you tired of not getting the support you need and bummed that you can't just magically find an awesome affordable powerlifting gym, team and coach in your town?


For us who love to lift getting better is the most addictive thing. And the best way to get better is to have experienced coaching and supportive teammates. But that's crazy-hard to find. 

That's why we started TeamPLW. 

We can't make your actual gym any cooler, but you can bring us with your everytime you go for everything else. 

As a member of TeamPLW, here's what you get:

  • Weekly Coaching Programming customized to your needs and goals
  • Form Checks to keep getting better at technique and prevent injury
  • Coaching done by a USPA record holder with 30+ years lifting experience and 10+ powerlifting coaching experience... and almost every injury you could have. We've seen it ALL. ;-)
  • Macro plans for body composition goals and weight cut plans for competition
  • Meet week planning and meet selection support to make sure you do your best when it counts the most!
  • Membership in our private IG page to share and post any and all questions ONLY with teammates and coaches (zero troll action!)
  • An exclusive TeamPLW T-Shirt that you can't buy anywhere!
  • Special offers and discounts not available to anyone else on PLW gear, products and events!

"Sounds dope! How does it work?"

We keep it as simple as possible. Here's what to do:

  1. Sign up and then fill out a quick feedback form so we know your strengths, weaknesses, goals, etc.
  2. You will get a custom program every weekend to progress you safely and quickly to your goals. Every workout is specified but also allows flexibility for you to go heavier on good days and stay lighter and safe on off-days. 
  3. For the first two weeks record at least one rep from each exercise and post so we can review your form and offer feedback. After two weeks your form should be dialed in and form checks can be done when needed.
  4. At any time you can post to IG and DM questions or form checks to our private, members-only IG page, @TeamPLW so you can get feedback from coaches and teammates.
  5. If you have body comp goals we will also send you a macro plan to help you get the right amount of protein, fats and carbs to meet your goals.
  6. And don't forget when you sign up to tell us your t-shirt size and mailing address for your Exclusive members-only team shirt!


The best part is that we are doing this the most affordable way possible, so instead of paying $100+ per hour for a personal trainer, or even $200 per month for online strength coaching, you will get all of this and more for just $49 per month*!

This price IS subject to change. We have no idea if the amount of time it takes to do good coaching makes sense at that price, but we promise this. If you sign up now that is your price for as long as you are a team member. So don't wait. 

Join the Team NOW! 

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* $49 per month is an ongoing charge. We are using a great service provider that allows you to bill by credit card, ACH, paypal, or anything else and also allows you to modify your own account at any time, so you can update cards or cancel with no hassle if needed. We are doing the work every month so we need the billing to be simplified, but we only want your membership for as long as it works for you. Feel free to do just one month or a lifetime! We're happy to work with you either way. :-)



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